BPI Building Envelope - Option 2 (Course & Certification Exams)

  • $1,220.00

Includes everything you need:
Online Course Tuition
Course Study Guide
Practice Exam Questions
BPI ES Written & Field Exam Fees

Course Description
This course will provide a better understanding of why the diagnostic process is so important, why problems related to the building shell such as moisture, ice dams, mildew and drafts were a problem in the first place, and more importantly how to mitigate them. Upon completion, students will be well prepared to challenge the Building Envelope Specialist Certification Exams.

The course package includes:
• 4-hour of Self-paced e-Learning Module
• 1-day of Onsite Hands-On Field Training
• Course Study Guide with Practice Exam Questions
• The BPI Envelope Specialist Written Exam
• The BPI Envelope Specialist Field Exam

Why Take BPI Building Envelope Specialist Training?
The BPI Envelope Specialist Certification in conjunction with the Building Analyst Certification will make your company eligible to apply for BPI Contractor Accreditation. Accreditation or multiple certifications may be required to participate in various state incentives programs.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students must have completed their Building Analyst training and passed their exams.

Tuition/Exam Fees

The entire package including the online course, the study guide, the hands-on diagnostic field training and the BPI ES Written & Field Certification Exams is only $1299.

Our Success Guarantee
If you fail to pass your certification exam(s) for any reason, you can retake our course curriculum* at no additional charge until you achieve a passing grade.

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