RESNET EnergySmart CEQ Provider Service

  • $99.00

Companies who have an individual already certified as a BPI Analyst are not required to take a RESNET Qualified Contractor Course and exam. You do, however, have to sign with a RESNET Accredited Contractor Education & Quality (CEQ) Provider in order to receive your certification.

As a RESNET Accredited CEQ Provider, Home Energy Team Institute is responsible for:

  • Verifying your company information including insurance and individual credentials
  • Granting your certification and listing it with RESNET
  • Managing a RESNET approved Complaint Resolution Process
  • Making sure you have and are utilizing all the appropriate forms and notices required by RESNET Standards
  • Providing and ensuring completion of RESNET continuing education requirements

Please download your CEQ Agreement Here!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchased our Qualified Contractor Course, the CEQ Provider Fee for the first year was included with the course.**