LEED Green Associate Exam Prep - LIVE WEBINAR

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Includes Everything You Need:
Green Building Principles

LEED® Implementation Process
LEED® Credit Structure and point system
Credit Intent and Requirements
Credit Synergies
Strategies and Technologies
Certificate of hours and attendance
Eligibility to sit for the LEED® Green Associates Exam
Eligibility to sit for the Green Advantage Exam

Brief Course Overview
Our LEED Green Associate on-line course
prepares beginning green building professionals to pass the Green Building Certification Institute’s (GBCI) LEED® Green Associate exam. It presents the core concepts of sustainable design and all 9 LEED® Rating Systems®. Passing this first exam prepares an attendee for the LEED AP+ status referred to as: Tier Two. The program will also provide information on State or federal utility programs, tax credits, and incentives. Energy Star Performance for Homes and Commercial Buildings is cursorily reviewed to understand its contribution towards LEED Certification of a building. 

LEED® Green Associate  is the most complete & comprehensive course available today

Topics covered include

• Mortgages
• Tax Incentives
• Government Policies
• Overview of home & energy rating systems
• Overview of LEED®, Green Points, NAHB & Energy Star
• Marketing Strategies

Course Materials:
Sixty (60) day access to the course, which includes interactive features such as: 
• A glossary of key green building definitions
Links to additional online resources
• The ability to bookmark important points throughout the course that you wish to revisit
• Continuing education for 10 hours of instruction
State of the art learning technology.

This course provides the educational requirements for the LEED Green Associate Exam.

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