RESNET HERS Rater - Option 2 (Multimedia, Classroom & Exams)

  • $1,749.00

RESNET HERS Course & Exam

Includes Everything You Need!
5 days (40 hours) classroom instruction (Mon. – Fri.)
16 hours of online instruction
HERS Exam (administered online, the last day of class)

This intensive training program will provide the prospective HERS Rater with the core skills and blended training platform necessary to become a Certified HERS Rater in keeping with RESNET’s national training and certification guidelines.

You will learn how to perform energy ratings and provide homeowners and homebuilders with detailed analyses of energy consumption, with opportunities for energy conservation and cost savings.

• Learn how to help builders and architects positively affect building design using a whole house, total systems approach.
• Learn to professionally & scientifically evaluate home's energy performance & comfort issues, & offer recommendations
• Learn how to utilize powerful diagnostic equipment and updated software to aid you in the energy analysis.
• Learn the latest energy finance and incentive programs that can help you expand your business.

 Topics Covered:
• An understanding of building science and home construction principles--how the house works as a system
• Principles of heat, air, and moisture transfer
• How to use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to diagnose air leakage, comfort and indoor air quality, (including setup and  operation of blower door and duct leakage testing equipment and infrared camera diagnostics)
• Ability to produce a complete home energy analysis using Rem/Rate™ software
• How to certify an ENERGY STAR home
• An Understanding of the services and responsibilities of a HERS Rater and Provider
• HERS Rater Certification Process
• Ability to produce accurate and unbiased home energy ratings for new and existing homes
• How to create or expand your business leveraging home comfort, HERS and diagnostics procedures

Application in the Field:
Energy ratings are commonly used as verification methods for programs such as Energy Star, LEED® for Homes, and various regional programs.  This training will prepare you to perform energy ratings in these, and similar settings. 

Additional training is recommended to ensure that the Rater is able to provide proper program verification. We suggest that Raters pursue additional training as a BPI Building Analyst or Envelope Professional to learn additional diagnostic skills that will prepare you for the intricacies of existing buildings and their unique qualities.

Benefits of the Course
At the end of the course, students will be ready for the RESNET HERS Rater Exam and be qualified to include optimal home performance measures in their existing contracting business.

All Course Materials Provided.
No extra books or materials to purchase

• 16 hours of online instruction prior to classroom instruction
• The IBS Advisor: Home Energy Rating Handbook (the BEST manual on the market for HERS Raters)
• Supplemental DVD
• RESNET®National Rater Exam (exam taken online, last day of class)

Who Should Take this Course:
Contractors who perform services related to any of the following: HVAC, insulation, air sealing, remodeling, windows and doors, siding, plumbing, handyman, solar, IAQ, roofing, home automation professionals. BPI Certified professionals seeking to become HERS Raters.

Prerequisite Requirements
None; some knowledge of residential construction practices is beneficial.

Tuition/Exam Cost
Our RESNET HERS package is only $1650* and includes:
• 5-days of classroom instruction + 16 hours of online training (not available elsewhere)
• NO requirement for additional books or materials; course manual, DVD and online training are all INCLUDED.
• Completion of in-class ratings required for certification
• Exam Fees

*Students who are already BPI Certified from Home Energy Team Institute get discounted rate of $1449.
*Students who sign up for both HERS Rating and BPI training with Home Energy Team Institute get the BPI Budiling Analyst class for $1299.

Our Success Guarantee

If you fail to pass your certification exam(s) for any reason, you can retake our course curriculum* at no additional charge until you achieve a passing grade.

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